Swedish Nature Photographer Captures Close Pics of Inquisitive Red Squirrels

The red squirrel, sometimes known as the Eurasian red squirrel. It is a species of tree squirrel found across Eurasia. The red squirrel is a rodent that lives in trees and eats mostly plants. Numbers have dropped dramatically in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Italy in recent years.

Seeing a squirrel in the outdoors is always wonderful, but we seldom get to see the adorable critters up and personal. Most of the time, you might only witness a flash of fluffy red fur racing across the forest floor or scrambling up a tree. Swedish photographer Johnny Kääpä, on the other hand, has won the trust of his neighborhood squirrels who now approach his camera and pose for photos.

Kääpä has spent years befriending red squirrels to photograph them at their most natural. When he initially started shooting them, he used long lenses to catch them from a distance. Now, he uses shorter lenses and even fisheye lenses to get the beautiful animals up close.

Kääpä's photographs taken throughout the seasons depict the personal lives of squirrels all year round. These bright-eyed and bushy-tailed squirrels are undoubtedly busy from hunting for nuts to climbing trees. They do, however, have plenty of time to play. Kääpä's photographs demonstrate how curious they are about his camera. They approach him and stare directly into his lens, resulting in beautiful pictures that catch their expressive expressions in great detail.

Squirrels are also highly nimble creatures who enjoy jumping between trees. One of Kääpä's pictures, in particular, illustrates this trait most amusingly. The photograph, titled Super Hero, depicts a squirrel that appears to have just landed like Superman. The worthy photograph was one of the finalists in The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, and it is sure to put a grin on your face. Kääpä aspires for just that he said, “I have a bit of a following on social media and I once calculated that if I make my follower smile for just one second, and it’s a grin that lasts for three hours every day,”

Check out Kääpä's squirrel photographs below and follow him on Instagram for more attractiveness.

Johnny Kääpä, a Swedish photographer captures the lively attitude of red squirrels in his up-close pictures.

The adorable animals frequently approach him and stare directly into his lens.

This one looks like a warrior!

Kääpä's portfolio depicts the daily life of squirrels all year.

Johnny Kääpä: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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