Dog With Huge Fluffy Ears Seems Exactly Like a Real-Life Mickey Mouse

Due to her big, fluffy, gray ears, a real-life-looking cartoon mouse "mickey mouse dog" has won many hearts and is highly famous on Instagram. We all wish we could snuggle this 7-year-old lover named Goma.

Goma is a Maltese/Papillon hybrid, which means she possesses the greatest characteristics of both breeds. Her unique ears are soft (like those of a Maltese dog), but they also tip up (like the fringed ears of a Papillon pup). Goma is often likened to Mickey Mouse because of her big, fluffy ears that are almost as tall as her head but she also resembles an unbelievably beautiful koala bear.

Goma and her ears are sweeping the Internet by storm with over 100,000 Instagram, followers. Her owners publish photographs and videos of the adorable puppy going about her day regularly. Goma appears to be living the good life, whether she's being pushed around in her stroller or carried in a doggie backpack. She enjoys playing with her toys and cuddling in her bed when she is not exploring the outside. She also has a slew of beautiful accessories, ranging from bow ties and neckties to harnesses and even bunny ears.

Check out Goma's photographs below and follow her on Instagram to stay up to speed on her charming antics.

Meet Goma, Tokyo's beautiful "Mickey Mouse puppy."

She resembles a real-life cartoon mouse, with large rounded ears almost as big as her head.

Goma: Instagram
H/t: [Totally the Bomb]

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