Beautiful Maine Coon Kittens Have the Appearance of a Small Group of Crabby Old Guys

The Maine Coon is a medium-haired cat with a lengthy coat. Although texture varies depending on coat color the coat is smooth and silky. The head and shoulders are shorter, while the stomach and flanks are longer, and some cats have a lion-like ruff around their necks. In comparison to other long-haired breeds, the breed requires less maintenance since its coat is generally self-maintaining due to a light-density undercoat. The fur is thicker in the winter and thinner in the summer and the coat is subject to seasonal change.

Because of their big height and lively demeanor, the Maine Coon cat species has earned the moniker "gentle giant," but one glance at this litter of babies may change your mind. Where the kittens were birthed, recently tweeted images of a bunch of young Maine Coons with expressions that might pass for cranky old men by Tatyana Rastorgueva, the owner of Casvill County House of Cats.

Furrowed brows and upturned lips are among the traits of the five gray newborns. It's almost as if they're going to shout at you to get off their property. However, appearances can be misleading. These kittens seem like any other young cats in the many adorable videos Rastorgueva has released since their birth. When they're not playing, they're placid and make adorable chirping noises.

Watch these beautiful Maine Coon kittens in action by swiping.

These lovely Maine Coon kittens have a group of cranky old guys look to them.

However, appearances can be misleading. They are calm and create lovely tweeting noises.

Casvill County House of Cats: Website | Instagram
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