29 Fascinating Photos From Various Angles to Show the Unseen Side of Things

We live on a magnificent planet that is filled with wonders all around us. It's an incredible environment. A boring daily routine may depress even the most passionate people over time. Especially now, when the country is under lockdown. However, the world gives us a lot of surprises and exciting stuff around every turn. It turns out that wonderful surprises are hidden underneath and inside objects that you would never think to look attentively at.

So, why not use the extra time we have on our hands to learn something new and intriguing about the world or just to experience it from a different angle?

From the ominous sight of a decayed dead cactus to the detailed pattern underneath a lion's hair these fascinating images give fresh insights into our environment. They remind us that even the most commonplace things can be spectacular and that there is beauty in even the most basic things.

Let us arm ourselves with fresh information so that when we join with friends after this quarantine, we can share it with them and make the most of our time together. You know, spending quality time together XD. Enjoy!

#1. Dn Briste (the Broken Fort), a relatively recent sea stack that was cut off from the mainland of Ireland following an overnight storm in 1393. This is a photo from a thousand years ago.

Credits: Mike Searle -Via

#2. A reporter's real life. One in-ear receiver and one clip-on microphone transmitter.

Credits: kuyakim_atienza 

#3. A view inside an empty Boeing 787, which has a seating capacity of 335 people.

Credits: Mass1m01973 -Via

#4. A close-up of an elephant's tail. It swats insects and serves as a means of communication.

Credits: CallMeKudu -Via

#5. A salt mine's inside. Slave labor was utilized to mine for salt, which was hazardous.

Credits: -sUBzERoo- -Via

#6. An 8-year-old boy's microbe-handprint after playing outside.

Credits: Tasha Sturm -Via

#7. This is a ghost heart after all blood has been removed and just protein scaffold remains.

Credits: Doris Taylor -Via

#8. An actual processed picture of a phage virus under the electron microscope.

Credits: Minifig81 -Via

#9. M.A. Schalck and L.P. Ramsdell, two medical students spent 1,500 hours dissecting a cadaver's nervous system intact. That's more than 4 months if they work 12 hours a day.

Credits: DerekS428 -Via

#10. Beautiful ice crystals in Switzerland.

Credits: simplywing -Via

#11. The true appearance of tiger skin. They have stripes all the way down to their flesh.

Credits: Tigers -Via

#12. The interior of an astronaut's suit. They weigh roughly 280 pounds and take 45 minutes to put on.

Credits: NASA -Via

#13. This is a fossilized dinosaur footprint found on the Bull Canyon Dinosaur Track Trail in Utah. This is most likely a Therapod.

Credits: moebius-incal -Via

#14. Because the glass frog is so transparent you can easily view its internal organs.

Credits: Jaime Culebras -Via

#15. Flamingo chicks are born white.

Credits: ashiruuu -Via

#16. An 1837 globe that helps blind individuals to see.' One of the earliest maps available to blind people.

Credits: SamwiseGimli -Via

#17. Examining salt granules using an electron microscope.

Credits: BunyipPouch -Via

#18. An albino raccoon.

Credits: ShakeMango -Via

#19. NASA took an image of the moon's dark side from 1 million miles away.

Credits: DSCOVR/NASA-Via

#20. Due to birth abnormalities this starfish is square.

Credits: Phil Mercurio

#21. Aurora photographs taken from several planets.

Credits: nixonico, NASA/Hubble -Via

#22. A decomposing dead cactus with spines left behind. Take caution, they're still pointy!

Credits: MischiefofRats -Via

#23. Sperm whales have just teeth in their lower jaw and sockets in their upper jaw.

Credits: rugbyjames1 -Via

#24. In 'Baby Driver,' the true driver is always on top of the automobile.

Credits: moniso -Via

#25. A strawberry's surface.

Credits: BunyipPouch -Via

#26. These Easter Island skulls truly have bodies.

Credits: eisp.org -Via

#27. How do cyclist legs look after the Tour de France?

Credits: p.poljanski

#28. This is how Beijing's traffic control room looks.

Credits: ThatsJustYourOpinionMan

#29. This is a photograph taken by NASA of a space shuttle leaving our atmosphere.

Credits: bucsboy24

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