15 Incredible Insects From Around The World

Insects are all over the place! Some individuals find them fascinating while others can't bear the notion of them. In any case, we share our planet with this nasty crawlies that seem like aliens. Insects have been on Earth long before humans and will continue to do so. There are many more insects on Earth than people – there are 900,000 recognized species and possibly millions more that have yet to be discovered! Check out our selection of the strangest (and coolest) ones we could locate.

They can have wings or not lengthy legs, leafy shapes, or even umbrella-like pinions. Almost everywhere you turn there are one or more of the six-legged creatures known as insects?

In such a plentiful multiplicity they dwell ardently among us. Starting with ants, bees, flies, beetles, and a variety of other insects. Check out our little "Biology Class" to learn more about how they look and tell us which one you find the most intriguing. Don't forget to cast your vote for your favorite!

1. The spiny flower mantis

Image source: Pang Way

2. Mantis of the Yellow Orchid.

Image source: PangWay

3. Phylliidae-Insects with the appearance of leaves and flower petals.

Handful of leaf insects

Image source: twotenthpower

4. The caterpillar of the dice moth.

Image source: hemidallgazo

5. The Giant Katydid.

Image source: ennisanna_fei

6. A lovely Comet Moth.

Image source: coffechamomile

7. Queen (above) and caterpillar of the Monarch butterfly.

Image source: hemidallgazo

8. Ayuthia – White Ghost Cicada.

Image source: ennisanna_fei

9. The timber beetle.

Image source: Ton Rulkens

10. Eurynecroscia nigrofasciata, or umbrella phasmids.

Image source: ennisanna_fei

11. Rainbow frog-leg beetle, Sagra buqueti.

Image source: ennisanna_fei

12. Bettle in black and blue.

Image source: Stuart H

13. Bettle in black and blue. Mecynorrhina Torquata, one of the world's biggest flower beetles.

Image source: redscale

14. Eurycnema goliath the Goliath stick insect is one of Australia's biggest stick insects.

Image source: MelC

15. Picasso Insect (Sphaerocoris annulus)-A bug with the appearance of an easter egg.

Image source: BartWursten

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