Woodworker Crafts Incredible "Broken" Furniture That Seems Like It Belongs In An Animation

Henk Verhoeff, a master craftsman, uses his incredible woodworking skills to bring cartoons to life. The sculptures include exaggerated silhouettes with large splits in the middle and the end product looks like something out of a Disney or Looney Tunes cartoon. The best part is that all of these items are fully working. This further adds to the incredibleness of their "broken beyond repair" structure, since it demonstrates that pleasure and function can coexist.

Verhoeff has been working with wood for 53 years, first as a professional and now as a retired craftsman. The medium is a source of inspiration for him and a means of expressing his ideas. And now that he has more free time he can create anything his imagination conjures up—no matter how bizarre it may be. As a result, he's done things like add lights to his dressers giving them the illusion of being hit by lightning.

The New Zealand woodworker begins his projects without explicit building blueprints yet he is diligent throughout the process. He periodically begins again if the details or angles aren't quite correct and he finishes with a protective varnish. Each piece might take anything from 80 to 100 hours to complete.

Verhoeff sells his incredible furniture on eBay now and then. Follow him on Facebook to see what he has coming up next.

Henk Verhoeff, a woodworker with a fantastic sense of humor brings cartoons to life by creating stunning woodworking masterpieces.

They're not only beautiful to look at, but they're also useful.

Henk Verhoeff: Facebook

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