This Exceptionally Un-Entertained And Languid Animal From South America Is Everyone’s New Spirit Animal

To add a small silver lining to this entire circumstance that will ideally make you're feeling at slightest a little bit way better since the past year has been pretty extreme, and at this point, we’re all tired, baffled, and in frantically require a nap.

Many days prior, Twitter client @goblinkoenig shared a few photographs of the South American rat called the viscacha that, clearly looks like a creature exemplification of all the emotions most of us have been encountering all through this progressing worldwide widespread. I cruel, truly, fair see at that confront.

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This South American creature that sort of looks like a blend of a rabbit and a chinchilla is called the southern viscacha.

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“Today I learned that this exists. It’s a viscacha. I feel you, buddy,”.@goblinkoenig commented, In a Twitter tweet showcasing a handful of photographs of the beautiful southern viscacha, The post went viral almost immediately garnering over 300,000 likes and 66,500 retweets in just a few days.

This endearing critter has recently gone viral due to its immensely familiar face expression.

Picture credit: goblinkoenig

Our most recent web sensation, the creature that sort of looks like a blend between a rabbit and a chinchilla shows up to have hanging mouth corners and eyes that are nearly continuously closed which makes the creature seem as in case it’s continually pitiful, disillusioned, and languid.

The southern viscacha appears exhausted, dejected, indifferent, and in severe need of a nap, as you can see.

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Picture credit: goblinkoenig

A rodent native to Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru, the southern viscacha is a little rodent. They congregate in tiny groups among rocks and crags. These viscachas are most active in the early morning and late evening, staying underground in their hiding location for the remainder of the day. They also sunbathe, groom, and relax while perched on a ledge.

Picture credits: S. Rae

Picture credits: Wikimedia Commons

Grass, moss, and lichens are the primary food sources for southern viscachas.

The population of these animals has no severe risks (their conservation status is currently "least concern"); however, they are subjected to harsh weather and are hunted for their flesh and fur.

Picture credits: S. Rae

Thousands of Twitter users appear to share a spiritual connection with southern viscachas.

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Moreover, our most recent online phenomenon has already influenced several outstanding artists.

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