Artist Uses Sand And Stones To Design Land Art Masterworks At His Nearby Beach

A stroll along the beach is one of life's simple pleasures but it's also an opportunity for land artist Jon Foreman to express himself. Natural materials such as stones, pebbles, and shells are collected and artistically arranged in mesmerizing swirling patterns by the UK-based artist. The sandy terrain is momentarily changed until he's done. Each ephemeral installation will be reclaimed by the earth or swept away by the sea at some point.

Foreman grew up in Pembrokeshire, Wales where the breathtaking beaches and woodlands captivated him. He now works for nature by making paintings on the beaches he has known his whole life. Foreman usually has an idea of what he needs to make when he arrives at his chosen spot but his rock formations and sand sketches also take on a life of their own. “I quite like not knowing exactly how it will turn out until it's there in front of me,” the artist explained to the site.

Foreman will spend up to six hours carefully laying out designs with rocks in various sizes and colors. His art sprawls over the sand in captivating patterns that also mirror current motifs in nature from swirls and crescents to circles and squares. Some of the fragments resemble shell shapes while others take on the wave-like patterns of sand ripples.

Foreman actually paints in the sand while he isn't using found objects. He photographs his massive sculptures from above while standing on a cliff overlooking the beach. Each extraordinary sand drawing resembles an alternate crop circle, with patterned circular patterns and geometric lines.

Check out Foreman's new land art below and follow him on Instagram for more from his Sculpt the World collection.

Jon Foreman a land artist from Wales designs hypnotic rock art on the beaches of his hometown.

To produce swirling shapes he uses stones of various sizes and colors.

He sketches epic formations in the sand while he isn't using rocks.

Nature will finally retake each ephemeral piece.

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