Animal Farm Picture Like You've Never Seen Before

Rob MacInnis collects farm animals destined for eating and production and transforms them into stunning photo subjects.

When Rob returned after a lengthy vacation through South America, everything began to fall into place. Taking images in impoverished areas made him reconsider photography's position in his life and society: "I had a difficult time coping with my connection to photography following this trip," Rob explained to the online website “It seemed irresponsible to me to disregard the exploitative sides of photography especially while creating art in such a privileged position. I discovered that photographing animals allowed me to critically evaluate both myself and the discipline of photography.”

Working with animals according to MacInnis is similar to working with people.  "You're invading their area, so create some limits and create trust." He adds,   “Sometimes it's simple, other times it's impossible.”

“I met a lot of patient, helpful, and trustworthy farmers, and together we did the best we could with the resources we had. I did have a reasonable amount of time, which was quite helpful. I would often have to wait an hour for animals to settle down and trust me simply to obtain the appropriate headshot.”

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