This Small Creature Looks Like A Mix Between A Rabbit, A Kangaroo, A Pig And A Mouse

Have you ever experienced a hard time when choosing a favourite animal from thousands of them? If yes, you might be a crazy animal lover! Dogs are truly cute while the cats are adorable and it is the same when it comes to rabbits, kangaroos, birds, and other kinds of animals. Thus, picking up one out of all these creatures is a hard task. But, what if we can see all these traits in one animal? This might be a prank for you. But, there is such a creature in this world and it has the features of a mouse, pig, kangaroo as well as a rabbit!

Its name is Jerboa and this animal is a mixture of several other animals in the environment. It will steal your heart if you see it once in your life. It is overloaded with cuteness and its lengths range from 2.8 – 3.5 inches. As per the scientists, the tails of these tiny animals are twice the length of their bodies. They are the animals that have the largest ears proportionate to their body size. Jerboas are popular for their long ears and the tail. They are nocturnal animals that hide deep inside the burrows during the daytime. They usually feed on flying insects.

Image Credit: officialzsl

These creatures were first noticed by a group of scientists in 2007. According to them, jerboas can be usually seen in northwestern China and southern Mongolia.

Image Credit: Joel Sartore- Photo Ark

Their legs are quite similar to the ones of the kangaroos. Due to this feature, they can jump up to considerable heights with the help of their forelegs. They use their hind legs to hold things that are relatively small in size. 


Jerboas might surely be in a very progressive state in the evolution cycle since they have several features to facilitate their lives. Please consider that this isn’t fake and is a part out of a sci-fi story. These creatures do exist and perhaps you too will be fortunate enough to spot them one day in your life.

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