Encounter Pickley – The Feline With The Most Extraordinary Emerald-Green Eyes

Instagram | @pickley_the_cat

Sometimes, felines are the most beautiful domestic animals that we meet. Their unique features and adorability add a different effect to the animal world.

Here is another extraordinary feline with rare uncommon emerald-green eyes. His eyes would surely make you fall in love with him. His name is Pickley and his owners maintain an Instagram account for their pet to keep people updated with Pickley's daily routine. Pickley has more than 20,000 followers by now. Most of his fans are crazy with Pickley.

By the way, Pickley recently received an animal shelter as a present from his family too. “While all the other cats were playing, he wouldn’t stop staring at us through the glass. It felt like he chose us,” said Pickley's owner.

He might be the neediest cat in this world. Of course, he is sweet and independent. His owner explained that he is so interested in breaking lamps as well as the visitors who are not impressed with his beauty with the green eyes.

Scroll down to check out the amazing pictures of this adorable feline.

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