A Lovable Video Of A Woodpecker Riding A Carnivorous Weasel On Its Back

People release a lot of adorable footage of animals day by day. We hear various kinds of stories related to them. The one that we're about to present you today is based on an animal love story that went viral recently. A love story between a woodpecker and a weasel. To say the truth, it is a struggle to live rather than to love.

Weasels are well-known robbers of nests and this woodpecker had been a good meal for the hungry weasel. Even though the woodpecker took off in flight the weasel didn't want to let its prey go away from him thus, it hopped aboard its back to take it down.

A London-based photographer, Martin Le-May is the one who witnessed this incident while he was walking with his wife at Hornchurch Country Park.  Suddenly, he saw the woodpecker flying fast passing him, and on his back was the weasel. Le-May didn't panic to capture some pictures of this incredible moment. He took the maximum use of it.

One who doesn't know the story would feel love about these pictures. They might expect it to be a ride. But, the reality is about saving their lives. Weasel is with another intention to eat the woodpecker.

At a point, both the weasel as well as the woodpecker spot the photographer and his wife. Soon they flew away, perhaps due to the confusion on the camera. The woodpecker flew to save his life while the weasel flew to find another meal.

The experts identified the woodpecker as a European green woodpecker who makes very loud noises. These woodpeckers feed on ants but they have a big possibility to become the prey of hungry weasels.

Fortunately, this particular weasel had not been so big as to bring the woodpecker down. The distraction caused by the photographer was another help for the woodpecker to escape.

A full-grown weasel is similar to a woodpecker in size. But, here in this footage, the woodpecker is quite bigger than the weasel. It still can grow up to 8 inches (210-216mm) in length with a 12-inch (320-330mm) wingspan. They’re the smallest carnivorous creatures in the world. They weigh around one ounce.

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