The Most Attractive Types Of Pigeons Found In The World

Pigeons are common creatures that can be seen everywhere around us. But, the pigeons that we're about to present you today have a huge beauty and unusuality in them. The types of pigeons that you have never seen before. 

Studying pigeons makes us more interested in them when we do it in a continuous process. According to the scientists, the rock pigeon or the common city pigeon is the first bird that humans have domesticated. These pigeons are featured as figurines, in mosaics and on coins of the Mesopotamian era in 4500 BC.

Many people think that the pigeons are dumb. But that's not the reality. A research study in 2017 proved the ability of pigeons to understand the concepts of time and space. They are quite similar to human primates. Pigeons can also be considered as expert navigators. They have an ability to find their way back from 1.3k miles (nearly 2.1k km) away. And also they can come back to their nests even if they are rotated after being completely isolated.

1. Brown Frillback Pigeon

Image credits: pigeonstvfans

2. Pink-Necked Green Pigeon

Image credits: Think_Void

3. Bronzewing Pigeon

Image credits: di_cross_

4. Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Image credits: The Virginia Zoo

5. Jacobin Pigeons

Image credits: 8pigeons8

6. The Nicobar Pigeon

Image credits: Sue Demetriou

7. Indian Fantail

Image credits: green_iggies

8. Grey Frillback Pigeon

9. Blue Crowned Pigeon

10. Red White Roller Pigeon

Image credits: pigeons_in_poonch

11. Lahore Pigeon

Image credits: alittlebitiffy

12. English Trumpeter Pigeon

Image credits: Graham Manning

13. Archangel Pigeons

Image credits: michael.tzouramanis

14. English Barb

Image credits: harjonojojo

15. Lahore Pigeon

Image credits: pigeonkeeping

16. Brunner Pouter Pigeon

Image credits: cocoakoumor

17. Fantail Pigeon

Image credits: BonchiFox

18. Old Dutch Capuchine

Image credits: pirateinwales

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