Flying Dragons Survive and They Are a Real Wonder of Nature

The animals which have come from a world of magic. 

Humans were in awe of mythical creatures such as dragons for years and years. Millions of people are interested in listening to the legends of these creatures. But, unfortunately the dragons that we imagine do not exist. However, nature has surprised us with another particular genus of animals that are quite similar to the dragons that we imagine.

The genus Draco is also called the “flying dragons” and it belongs to the Agamidae family of lizards. They can be found in the trees of the Southeast Asian tropical forests.


Their length is from 8 to 10 inches. Membranes can be seen on either side of their trunk. The trunk is what helps them to glide from one tree to another reaching upto 60 metres in altitude.


Their diet is mainly based on insects and tree ants are special among them.


They only come down the trees when they have their need to reproduce. The courtship process initiates with males' attempt of using the folding membranes to attract the partner.


Then, the female animal makes a tiny hole in the ground in order to lay 4 or 5 eggs. She covers them with leaves and soil. And also, she abandons the egg and returns to the heights soon after 24 hours.


Their characteristics as well as the colours change according to the species. Anyhow, all of them have peculiarities that help them to become unique.


These flying dragons are a part of the extreme beauty of nature that seem as if from a magical world.

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