We Are About To Witness An Infrequent Planetary Alignment Not Seen In 800 Years

Jupiter and Saturn are expected to be witnessed very close to one another in the night sky soon. A great conjunction between these two planets are expected to take place on the 21st of December.

This is to inform those who do not know this rare phenomenon in the night sky. By now, they are very close to one another and they will get close to each other within a few days. Try to spot these two planets that are above the moon. You will see this couple of planets near one another.

By the 21st these two will be right on top of one another. Though we see these two as one, they will still be a bit far from each other. At their closest on Earth, they will only be a mere 0.1 degrees apart.

Earth Sky stated as follows:

The word conjunction in astrology is used to describe the encounters of celestial objects and planets on the sky’s dome. And also the term great conjunction is used to describe meetings of the two biggest worlds in the solar system; and that is prestigious Jupiter and the glorious ringed Saturn. The closest conjunction of these two great planets are expected to fall on the 21s of December, 2020 which is the date of the December solstice. This is the first Jupiter-Saturn meet-up since the year 2000, and the closest Jupiter-Saturn meet-up since 1623. The expected distance between Jupiter and Saturn is only 0.1 degrees. It’s just 1/5 of a full moon diameter.

This type of an extra-close conjunction is expected to be observed the next time on 15th of March 2080.

But, don’t wait for the 21st to watch this exciting incident cause you can see this tonight and every night – near each other for the rest of 2020. This of course will be a mind-blowing sight!

There was a hard time observing the recent conjunction that was 20 years ago since the two planets were near the sun in our sky. So that fortunately, we’re given another chance for a more observable great conjunction. In November, both these planets will be nearer to each other when night falls.

But, they will be easily visible in December soon after the sunset.

This is the closest encounter that they have ever experienced and many people are quite inquisitive to witness it. Are you one of them that will spare some time to check these great planets in the sky? Let us know. Join the conversation.

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