The Hidden Key Behind the Sphinx’s Ear Was Seen Only by the Indigo Child Who Claims To Have Come From Mars

The Sphinx is considered as one of the greatest mysteries of humanity, and that is absolutely true. In spite of that we haven’t exactly uncovered most of it in the past decade, thus the Sphinx has often been looked upon as a mystery to solve.

However, we are sure that we’ve been able to uncover the reality behind it recently and it was staring at us right in the face all along as you wish it to be by now.

Observe the following picture yourself to see the Sphinx’s ear which can be described as a secret keyhole.

Kipriyanovich Boriska, the young Russian child who said that he was reincarnated and had been living on Mars in a previous birth, stated that life on Mars stopped since none listened to him.

Humanity has been warned by him saying that the secret behind the Sphinx’s ear is exactly our own ending.

He had been continuing to say all of these, but later on he was found out with amnesia, and told he no longer stands on the belief of himself to understand the meaning of life and he is unable to state anything assuring the secret behind the Sphinx’s ear was all along.


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