Former Astronauts Give Out Why We Never Went Back To The Moon

When we talk about scientific discoveries and achievements of mankind, official landing on the Moon tops everything since 1968. Stepping on the Moon of NASA has been well documented and researched as the biggest achievement of humanity ever.

Even though there is a lot of funding behind this, very few people discuss a possible return to the Moon ever since. As per NASA’s recent reports, they are on a plan on making a second visit to the Moon and even visit Mars when they are on the completion of their preparational work of handling the trip but nothing is yet confirmed.

One of the astronauts who actually walked on the Moon during the Apollo 14 mission, has made a shocking announcement which shook the alien enthusiast world to the core of it.

According to him, the alien world is observing us, and he does not know how to explain how many of them are there and the way how they are doing it, but they are spying on humankind along with a thorough study. He constantly sees them spying on us and sometimes they may be getting ready for an oncoming attack. He had seen a whole base of aliens while walking on the Moon which seemed to be ready for an attack in case of an emergency.

As Dr. Edgar Mitchell brings this theory to light, it is clear why NASA doesn’t wish to visit the Moon anytime soon and they are afraid of what might they come across after such a visit and more specifically of what they will be followed back.

Source of the information: True Blog.

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