Did These Strange Ancient Handbags Contain Some Advanced Technology?

A recent video was released by UFO Today explaining the existence of ancient handbags used throughout the history of ours which might contain the secrets which had led to a ton of conspiracy theories out there.

Above all, there is a conspiracy theory in progress which has recently been subjected to discovery of ancient handbags through stone objects, carvings, petroglyphs etc. These findings are dated back to 10,000 BC ranging from Turkey, Egypt, Iran, India, Central America as well as New Zealand.

The most amazing fact is that these findings are of utmost cultural value other than the locational value. According to the facts found by Olmecs, these handbags contain a fantastic amount of artifacts such as the Maori, the Egyptians as well as the ancient Sumerians which have been discovered to have this strange accessory.

The theorists suggest that these handbags are to contain one of the following. Firstly, it might be a proof of the existence of time travel which means the journey of someone from the present or the future to pay a visit with the hope of sharing their own fashion accessories.

Secondly, a lot of similar pictures have been depicted through artifacts related to Anunnaki proves them to be so closely connected perpetrators in matter. According to the reports of Disclose TV, “Mankind is a species with amnesia” which means we are affected by a curse to get our history repeated every couple of thousands of years with no knowledge of it.


Source of the information: True Blog.

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