Attractive ‘Painted Buntings’ Are Appealing Birds That Perfectly Survive Up To Their Name

It’s our nature to appreciate the beauty of the other countries without thinking of the beauty and the things in native country at first.
Just have a glance at these images of this Painted Bunting bird. It is categorized under the family ‘Cardinal’. Thus is of Cardinalidae birds. These birds are usually found in Mexico and South America.
The body of them is colourful with a perfect blend of yellow, red, blue and green. These birds aren’t social. They stay low. You’ll be able to notice them in gardens, hedgerows, roadsides and woodland edges.
Bunting birds spend most of their time in bushes dense with leaves, finding seeds. Therefore, searching for food has become quite hard for them. The only way to attract them towards us is to place a feeder low in the ground close to bushes. It’s ideal if you can place some seeds from native grasses.
You will also find them in some regions in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arizona during their breeding period. Most probably they’ll migrate into Mexico to spend the winter season.
Male birds are known to be quite territorial. This quality of them is noticed especially during the breeding period. These birds sing from a high perch to defend their own territory. Males engage in physical fights during conflicts.
The translated version of the French name for these birds reads as, “without equal”. In addition to the common name, they are also known as “Nonpareil”. However the male Painted Bunting bird is often considered as the most attractive bird in North America.
Unfortunately, the studies carried out recently have showed a decrease in the number of Painted Bunting Birds worldwide.
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